Have you ever planned your day and been pulled off the path?

Do you set sail and then get taken off course?

Do you find yourself being reactive and feeling disappointed with the result?

The majority of us put things off and use the excuse of not having time in the hope that somebody else will pick it up. This often doesn't happen.

We all know those things, it can be having the car serviced, visiting the dentist, getting the reverse cycle air conditioner serviced etc. At the time they are not our priority, so we become complacent.

I remember this one time when I should have put the car into have the tyres rotated. I drove it to the gym at 5:30am not a problem at all. I went about my workout and returned to the car only to discover as I was leaving the car park that I had a flat tyre.

Well if I had just had that service completed, I might not be in this predicament.

We all have these moments and it is these times that take us off task and have us reacting. 

Have you ever wondered "Why"?

I have found that our brain thinks in terms of urgency. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, it's a little like the naughty child gets the attention.

Yet getting certain jobs done makes a difference and often leads to an easier day. Other jobs however don't matter nearly as much.

Today I encourage you to identify your priorities. In business we are taught to identify what is critical to keeping our business operational and moving forward. I wonder how your life might differ if you applied the same principle to it.....

Don't put off what you can do today, for tomorrow it may be your squeaky wheel.

The time passes so quickly and I hear myself expressing surprise that it is almost mid year already.

Life is a journey and a gift and it is our responsibility to create the experiences we have of it.

Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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