Ausmumpreneur... My experience

My business Stairway 2 Dreams was recently selected as a finalist in the Ausmumpreneur Business awards. Wow what an experience. 

In my blog today I want to share with you a little of the process and what to expect if you too would like to enter these awards. It all starts with the humbling experience of having your business being nominated by one of your raving fans.

The email appeared in my inbox and I thought wow, who did this. A little detective work soon found the lovely lady - Mrs Serena Ryan from Serena Dot Ryan. Thank you.

The next step is completing your nomination. This is a great task to undertake. I found that it gave me the space I provide for so many of my clients. I reflected on my journey, the steps I have taken, the momentum I have gained and most importantly the results I have achieved.

I press the send button and the application is on it’s way… now for the wait.

The team at Ausmumpreneur are flooded with nominations and application. They review and put the People Choice awards up for voting and the enormous task of reviewing and narrowing the field for the judged categories begins. 

The thirty individual categories finish up with an average of 10-15 finalists that are chosen and invited to the two day event, which this year was held in Melbourne.

A room full of over 400 delegates each of them with a story. Each delegate is motivated, inspiring and highly focused and in addition to this they happen to be mum’s. Many of the ladies are new to running a business, exporting and importing however this does not deter them, they forge ahead.

One thing that is very evident in this room and that is support, encouragement and a sharing of knowledge with many businesses supporting each other with different services.

Many of the businesses come from a mum needing to solve a problem for their newborn or toddler. Some of the businesses are product driven and shortly after the product is released and distributed here in Australian, they are marketed and distributed in other countries. 

The one thing that shines is ladies supporting ladies, from all aspects of business - accounting, branding and marketing, nanny services, web services, importing & exporting, virtual assistance, health and well being and the list goes on. The diversity of business in this room is exciting and empowering.The category my business was a finalist in was NSW Business Excellence and whilst I did not win I am very proud to have been selected as a finalist. I pitched my business to a panel of judges and then answered a series of questions pertaining to my business.

I met and connected with amazing ladies from all over Australia and shared my business with like minded encouraging business owners.

This nomination also provided me the opportunity to identify the key suppliers who have been there with me every step of the way. Tamlyn Van Zyst from Tamlyn Creative, Matt Alderton from Bx Networking and Gary Nicholson from iPrint. Without these people my business would not be where it is today. Thank You.

I also want to thank Peace and Katie the founders of Ausmumpreneur for being the ladies that make this possible. Your endless support and encouragement is appreciated by all.

If you are a Mum with an idea or you are Mum running your own business then I encourage you to have a look at the Ausmumpreneur website and consider becoming part of this inspiring community.

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