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Welcome to Stairway 2 Dreams

Stairway 2 Dreams founder Sandy Bartlett has committed over 24 years of experience in business, strategic direction and management. Her experience has afforded her the insight into what drives individuals & teams. Having studied at one of Australia’s leading coaching institutes, Sandy has gathered the reputation as Macarthur’s leading Cool Confidence Coach.

Stairway 2 Dreams programs will lead, support and guide you down a path of self awareness. Firstly we will help you to have the courage to explore and identify your direction in life. You will gain clarity of where you are right now and set a course for where you want to be. Together we will explore and develop a strategic path to develop your Cool Confidence.

The Cool Confidence Program focuses on the key behaviours that influence you in your day to day life, analysing how your skills, attitudes and behavioural traits respond to certain situations. Sandy will guide and support you in the retraining of your brain to achieve the outcomes you desire.

You will take a journey of self development beginning with identifying and refining your life purpose. You will be supported step by step to address the 5 key behaviours and to improve and refine your strengths, inevitably finding your ability to shine. .


Our programs are beneficial for:

EntrepreneurAnyone can start a business, but to ensure your businesses is focused, agile and robust, you need support. Stairway 2 Dreams is your expert in the corner, supporting you and your business. Our commitment to mentoring business owners and their teams and individuals is unmatched, and our team has years of experience advancing new ventures and start-ups.

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Team LeaderSandy and her team assist businesses to develop their employees in team leader / management roles. Taking the employee with the technical skill set and developing their people skills. We do this by encouraging the team leader to explore how their behaviours, attitudes and actions affect their team. It all starts with learning more about yourself, you’ve got this.

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Youth and FamilyWe offer support and assistance for young people and their families who are facing difficult times. We will identify crucial barriers impeding your progress and explore ways to communicate & provide guidance when faced with changes. Sandra’s inclusive approach is always compassionate, and always without judgment. Together we develop a way forward where all parties, feel heard, are seen and feel valued.

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My Little Book of Confidence.

Authenticity, honesty and passion. These are three words that resonate with me while reading Your Cool Confdence.
Sandy has delivered a short and sharp, yet comprehensive guide to being a better, happier and more confident person.
There is something in this book for us all. I loved it!

Matt Alderton
CEO, Bx & Business For Life

I have known Sandy for over 6 years. Sandy’s decision to become a life coach was definitely a calling she had to fulfil. Sandy has an amazing ability to bring the best outcome to a situation and help develop a persons skills and emotional intelligence to enable them to self reflect and build their independence to take control of their own personal situations.
Her honesty, integrity, business acumen, life experiences and confidence brings the tools to her coaching that would bring the best out in anyone… no matter the challenge.
That is why I highly recommend Sandy as a [life] coach….. I recommend her to everyone I know who wants that extra conscious to get them and their life back on track or help them strive to the next level and achieve that life long goal.

Adriana Care
Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers

"I came to Sandy at rather scattered and confusing point in my life, lost both personally and professionally, Sandy has provided invaluable counsel and guidance which has helped me to reignite my passion for life and helped me to direct my actions toward building the future I want for myself.

Admittedly, I was incredibly reluctant to seek any form of external assistance, guidance or help, as a young guy we're taught to believe in our infallibility and invincibility, that's not always the case and Sandy has proven incredibly adept at helping me to relinquish my armour and various weapons to successfully navigate through several dark patches and has helped me to unlock a lot of abilities, mental resilience and unknown strength to start truly taking control of my life and it's direction.

I would highly recommend that any young man who is facing either professional or personal challenges, or both to reach out and grasp the opportunity for self-exploration, growth and phenomenal personal development Sandy provides with both hands. With Sandy's help, you will transform your life and truly step into who you are as a balanced man and master of your universe."

Steve Kuper

From time to time we find ourselves getting caught in tough situations whether they occur within our work environment or just in general everyday decision making.
I sat down with Sandra and talked through a current a work situation I was having with a client. Sandra took the time to walk me through the best way to deal with the situation to make sure everything worked out. I took Sandra’s advice and my client and I worked on taking a step forward in making the process a more enjoyable experience. I couldn’t recommend a better person, Business & Life Coach, to sit down with and help you find the right solution for your situation 10/10!

Ayden Reeves
Shoreline Design

Sandra from Stairways to Dreams is, in one word, AWESOME!
I didn't realise what I was missing till I crossed paths with this amazing lady. We all need a "Sandra" in our lives... some one to cheer us on, someone to hold us accountable to the goals we set...and someone who will also give us a hand up, when things don't quite go to plan.... and then help brush us off and cheer us on again. To take your LIFE to the next level, you NEED to contact Sandra, no ifs no buts... no more procastination..... no more complaining , just do it..... simple as that

Andonietta Pradela
Andonietta Couturier

Two years ago I was a totally different person, broken, sad, extremely unhappy with every aspect of who I was and who I was with. And there were moments when it would have been easier to end it then to fight my way out of it.

Somehow I had the good sense to reach out to you for help, as I knew that I could not do this on my own, I simply didn't have the strength, energy or know how. During the last two years, you have helped open my eyes to what an incredible life I have, but didn't appreciate, help reconnect and strengthen relationships with my family and friends. You gave me skills to see the potential in myself, that I now know my triggers, I'm fully aware of who I am, my faults, my strengths and ultimately where I want to go. I truly love being me and that's the greatest gift anyone has ever given me - the gift to say I am enough and to truly believe it. Thanks Sandy for being the incredible Super Coach that you are, an incredibly gifted, generous, direct, supportive, go getter, reach for the universe babe, who I simply adore and admire.

Rachel Elliott

I gravitated to Sandy from Stairway To Dreams as she is the kind of business women I wanted to become. Confident, reputable, and such a warm, encouraging person to be around… Sandy has helped me to realise that is exactly who I am! I was lacking confidence, as well as clarity and direction in life and in business, and committing to a six month program with Sandy has made a big difference in all aspects of my life from personal relationships to business processes. I would recommend Sandy to anyone who is not living their life to their full potential.
I cannot believe the transformation!

Elisha Crismale
Evoke Visual Creations

I have built my confidence and become the successful business woman I wanted to be. My mindset is different in all parts of my life, I know exactly what I want out of life, I’ve become very goal driven. I often hear Sandy’s voice in my head, she has taught me so much, and become a good friend which is very valuable to me.

Amy Woodley
Start Fresh Accounting

My personal coaching journey with Sandra is the best investment I have made in myself. In the last few months I’m more relaxed, able to get out of my own way to reveal the real me and move forward. My sense of self-worth has increased and so excited about the journey ahead. I would recommend Sandra to anyone willing to make a positive change, the real you will thank you for it!

Marie Copp
doTERRA Essential Oils

After being overwhelmed with issues in both my business and person life I realised I needed to take control. After looking for 12 months, I found Sandy - we had a great connection! She’s empathetic, honest, to the point in a tactful way but also a problem solver. I’ve brought balance back into my business and personal life while putting myself first instead of others

Leasa Collins
Fiducian Financial Services

Sandra’s recently been working with me and my daughter. Her insight, knowledge and understanding of what makes a teen tick is mind blowing. She also has a great understanding of what makes adults & parents operate. Her ability to break down the barriers between my daughter and me has allowed us to open up and communicate with each other in a way that we never had.

Tania Thomas

Since I have been working with Sandy, I’m becoming happier, healthier and learning to make better decisions. Sandy has been teaching me different ways to handle situations with school, friends and family. I’m learning to be more open with mum - our relationship has greatly improved, to look for the good in each day - being grateful for what I have.

Megan Young

Sandy is a welcome addition to our team. She has had a very positive influence on the company with her personal coaching, management advice, goal setting, training systems and mediation services to name just a few. Her honest direct approach along with a vibrant personality is refreshing. If you are looking to create a better version of yourself or your team, Sandy will help you get there.

Paul Mingay
Narellan Motor Inn